Not only am I posting this to my blog while enjoying the lovely midnight air, I am doing it from a phone, and that phone is running Linux. I can actually install apps that are useful, my system hadn’t crashed yet and doesn’t even seem close to sluggish, but I’ve been using the phone continuously for several hours and the battery is still holding out. This isn’t even the latest and greatest operating system, this is 2.3 As someone who’s developed both blackberry and iPhone apps, and used both competing platforms extensively, it is clear to me that the Android platform is far superior to either of these competitors, at least for my purposes. It’s so odd having a smartphone that actually out specs my first desktop computer. I am so glad that I made the switch to Droid. I just found a terminal emulation app. This it’s going to be the start of something beautiful.

usdt tracing report

# USDT static tracingI've been preparing a report on USDT for linux.You can read it [here]( is...… Continue reading

Moving to jekyll

Published on April 06, 2014

i3 Window Manager

Published on April 06, 2014