January 15, 2012

It all started 3 years ago

Ubuntu 8.10: Intepid Ibex. This was the OS I used when I first switch completely from Winbl0w$ and OS-suX to linux. Things haven’t always been easy, and I’ve lost a lot of hair, but now that I am this far down the rabbit hole, I couldn’t turn back even if I wanted to.

Why Linux?

I was frustrated with having to reformat windows XP every month to maintain even a modicum of performance. I realized that anti-malware programs were a waste of time, and yearned for something more secure. I was also displeased with the Windows UI. I found myself reskinning it to look prettier, and have a dock. It was time to finally shell out the cash for a Mac.

When I bought my mac (a mac mini, running tiger), I was very happy with it. It was able to stay online for months at a time (without rebooting! : o ). Everything was well thought out, and everything that you could do was easy. But, I found myself getting hungrier for more advanced functionality and I missed the ability to customize things that I had on Windows.

Enter Linux - the best of both worlds. Secure, customizable, and best of all, (for a fresh CS student) educational.


usdt tracing report

# USDT static tracingI've been preparing a report on USDT for linux.You can read it [here]( is...… Continue reading

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