Openelec Alpha

February 16, 2013

Big Congrats to Weelkin!

Thanks to Weelkin, we now have a functioning OpenELEC port of Raplex! You can check it out here.  I am very pleased with it, and I think that instead of doing tandem releases with Gentoo and OpenELEC, I am going to make OpenELEC the main distro for Rasplex. I will still keep the gentoo port around, but it’ll be only for debugging purposes. OpenELEC supports various things out of box that are still buggy on the Gentoo port (CEC, lirc, and console running in background come to mind). Some caveats: the openelec port is based off of an older revision of rasplex, so it doesn’t have all the latest fixes and speedups. As I’ll be focusing my efforts on OpenELEC from now on however, I expect that it should be at parity soon. Weelkin has also stated that he’ll update it as soon as he gets the chance.

usdt tracing report

# USDT static tracingI've been preparing a report on USDT for linux.You can read it [here]( is...… Continue reading

Moving to jekyll

Published on April 06, 2014

i3 Window Manager

Published on April 06, 2014