Rasplex Unstable Updated

February 08, 2013

Almost ready to release rasplex-0.1-a

I have created a release list on trello, with the planned features for the rasplex-0.1-a release. I have uploaded a new snapshot to overwrite the existing unstable, so that folks can play around with the fixes that have been added. Notably:  

  • Updates still broken in this version, but fixed for 0.1-a
  • libCEC SHOULD work, but i need someone to test it for me
  • keyboard working again
  • El added the ability to turn fan art on and off because he’s amazing
  • A metric tonne of GUI fixes thanks to Jsmith79 figuring out we can use OSX skin (working preferences pane!)
  • You still have to copy your own advanced settings to get it to load (fixed for 0.1-a)
  • No version number (will be one in 0.1-a)
  • No autostart (there will be a command for 0.1-a)
  • No avahi / airplay (will be in 0.1-a)

  More extensive details when we get 0.1-a out, but for now this is for everyone that has been begging for a preview ;).  

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