February 26, 2012

This page contains some youtube videos that I’ve made.

Kraid’s Lair on an AtMega128

This was done for an assignment for my Realtime Systems class. It was done on at AtMega128 microcontroller, written in scratch from C, and uses pulse-width modulation to synthesize notes read from the onboard flash memory. It was a really fun (and hard!) assignment, so I made this video.

The song that I synthesized is “Kraid’s Lair”, from the the old Nes metroid - my favorite classic game of all time.


Genetic Pacman Simulation

This was from a paper that I wrote as a term project for my intro AI class.

The paper describes (overviews) how Genetic Algorithms work, and uses a Pacman simulation as a case study for how they can be used to for learning behaviors.

The actual video is of a pacman who learned to survive the ghost and consume all of the pellets.

This was another fun (though the paper took forever to research and write) assignment. I have always had an interest in biology, and I find biologically and naturally inspired techniques.


Mandelbrot Fractal

So, this video is really old, from before I was even in Computer Science.

I have always found fractals, like all recursive algorithms, to be very interesting. I made this video years ago and posted it on youtube. It has actually had almost half a million views! I ended up making some money off of it, so I included it here.

Generating this video was my first lesson in asymptotic runtime.


bpftrace contributions

# bpftrace internalsI've written up some of what I've contributed to bpftrace, which I think cangive a nice overview of bpftrace internal...… Continue reading

Production Breakpoints

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usdt tracing report

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